SharePoint 2019: News Coming To Microsoft


In the September 2017 Ignite Conference, Microsoft announced that it will release the new version of SharePoint, SharePoint 2019

As announced, the preview of the new version will be released in the second quarter of 2018, followed by the full version that will be released within the year.

SharePoint 2019: new Microsoft platform

SharePoint 2019 will be an – premise s platform with hybrid capabilities that will allow users to easily switch between the online and on-premises versions.

Ron Grzywacza,  SharePoint Premier field, and engineer at Microsoft, officially declared that SharePoint 2019 is a complete connected information solution that maintains structured processes, compliance, and IT investments optimized according to the needs of the people working through an integrated and easy-to-manage platform.

Grzywacz considers the new Microsoft SharePoint 2019 extensions as ” Big Bets ” and summarizes them in:

  • Next-Gen Sync Client Support
  • Modern UX
  • Flow / Power Apps integration
  • Other online Share Point innovations.

What do users expect from SharePoint 2019?

Unlike previous editions, little has been leaked about what the on-premises version that will be released later in the year will look like.

The only thing that is fair to know is that most users expect a “ Hybrid Version  . ”

Let’s see what some top managers in the sector have said:

Peter Yared,  Chief technology officer and co-founder of San Francisco-based Sapho, said there has been an increase in IT investments in corporate employee portals in recent years and that Microsoft is urging its customers to switch. to the cloud and consolidate numerous SharePoint servers on-premise into a single cloud instance.

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Barry  Jinks, founder of Colligo claims that many of Colligo’s customers are looking to move their data to the cloud but that many remain and will continue to stay on SharePoint on-premises. Therefore, he is thrilled to be able to announce the new features of SharePoint 2019 as soon as possible, thus helping customers manage content wherever they are, even with the new hybrid environments that SharePoint 2019 will offer. “We are particularly interested in the SharePoint extensions on-premises, of the released and announced features currently available in Office365, such as categorizing content using labels and applying retention policies based on that classification. Providing this functionality would allow organizations to move all or part of their data directly to the cloud, “he said. He also hopes for more intranet options.

According to Simon De  Baena, Sharegate co-founder, and CEO, moving to the Cloud has become a necessity for companies. Therefore, he hopes to find a SharePoint 2019 that will help companies in this step, that brings them closer to the cloud and that has a modern look so that users can switch between on-premises and Office 365 without difficulty.

Whatever Microsoft releases later this year, it will undoubtedly offer a lot for SharePoint on-premises and online users.

Organizations, since the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint Development Company, have been asking for hybrid capabilities. It is hoped, therefore, that their requests have been heard and accepted.