Vaastu tips that you should follow for your master bedroom



Over the years, Vaastu has become an unavoidable part of our lives. It is a good way to ensure positive vibrations in your room while you sleep. However, you should make sure you consult authentic astrologers for the same. For instance, a popular Astrologer in Kolkata Astroyogi recommends you to follow the below-mentioned Vaastu tips:


  • The direction of the master bedrooms


When you plan to build a primary bedroom, keep the same location in the south-west corner of your home. This is because the south-west direction of your home is considered best for good health, longevity, and prosperity. North-west is also a good option for the main bedroom. However, a renowned astrologer in Kolkata, Astroyogi, suggests avoiding the southeast or northeast direction. On the whole, the direction of the primary bedroom is essential. It helps in establishing a peaceful atmosphere in your home.


  • Position of the bed


The bed’s position is another most important aspect to keep in mind, according to a famous astrologer in Kolkata, Astroyogi. Always place your bed in the south-west zone. And keep your head to the south or east while sleeping. It will not only help you to stay positive but also fill your room with positive vibrations. Do not position yourself in the north direction. It is considered inauspicious.


  • Place your dressers and mirrors.


When you plan to get a dresser and mirror for your master room, ensure that you place the dressers so that the door doesn’t open east or to the south. Similarly, mirrors in the bedroom should not face the bed as a reflection of your sleeping self is not auspicious. Instead, keep the mirrors in the northern or eastern wall. This will help you view the mirror better and avoid your sleeping reflection.


  • De-clutter your room


The most important thing to focus on while designing your room is de-cluttering them. According to the famous astrologer in Kolkata, Astroyogi has only essential things in your room. And if your bed has a storage facility, try keeping the essential items in them. This will help you sleep at night with good memories to cherish and ensure that you are well-rested at night.


  • Primary bedroom with attached bathrooms


If your main bedroom comes with an attached bathroom due to convenience or space constraints, ensure that the washroom is at least 1 or 2 feet above the ground level compared to your room. And ensure that the master room is situated in the south-west direction of your home. This way, you can ensure that your health and finances are at their best.


  • Choose the shades for your main bedroom wisely


Once the room and bed position is decided, the next thing you have to focus on is the shades of the room. Avoid using dark colors and too bright colors. For instance, you can use almond and beige shades in your room. It will help you make your room fresh and new and make it an ideal place for you to wind up your busy schedule. Thus, going for earthy shades for your main bedroom is the optimum choice.


  • Avoid keeping electronic equipment in your room.


While designing your room, ensure that you steer away from all electronic items like computers, laptops, tv, and mobile phones. Even if there is a tv or computer, try to keep them in a position away from your rest place. Also, avoid keeping the tv or computer opposite your bed, else it will work as a mirror opposite your bed. Besides, a bedroom should be where you spend your leisure time listening to music or following your passion. And keeping electro-stress away from your room is ideal.


  • A regular shaped room is better than one with cuts and shapes.


Always opt for a regular shaped main bedroom rather than cuts and shapes. They are the most comfortable and best place to spend special moments with your spouse without worries. After all, a room with cuts and shapes will only help beautify the room’s looks. But a regular shaped room will give you the utmost comfort and satisfaction of privacy in life.




Hence, Vaastu tips for the master bedroom are essential for having a good night’s sleep leaving all your busy schedules behind.