The Best Beaches and Water Sports in Goa, India

Water Sports in Goa

Goa is one of the most sought-after beach destinations in India, and there are plenty of great beaches in North Goa to choose from when you visit. Baga Beach, located on the west coast of Goa and just south of Panjim, makes our list of the best beaches in North Goa. The beautiful stretch of sand attracts crowds during peak tourist season, but you can still find plenty of space if you arrive early or stay late.


Ways To Spend a Perfect Day at Baga Beach

As most locals and tourists alike know, Baga Beach is not one but three beaches on India’s tropical coastline. And while the uninitiated may be inclined to lump all of Baga into one experience, each part has a very distinct character and vibe. There are some 3km between them (1.8 miles) but you can easily spend a day traveling back and forth across that stretch of sand. Here are five ways to spend a perfect day at Baga Beach, North Goa. 1.) Stand Out: Say what you will about flip-flops (and many do!), they’re definitely beachwear for Baga.


Reasons Why you need to visit Mandrem Beach in South Goa

Mandrem is located close to Baga beach and Calangute beach. It’s an unpretentious area that has a village-like feel to it. This place is ideal for those who are looking for peace and quiet but still want to be close enough to all that North Goa has to offer. The local population consists mainly of Roman Catholics. So if you happen to visit during feasts, processions are usually held on these streets, thus lending a feel of gaiety and festivity. You can choose from several restaurants here, most of which serve seafood delicacies such as fresh fish, crab and prawns – a must try when visiting Mandrem! The water sports facilities offered here include snorkeling and scuba diving among others.


Reasons why you should visit Tambdi Surla Beach in South Goa

While beach enthusiasts have known about Tambdi Surla for a while, not many people know that there are so many other beautiful beaches to discover in North Goa. We take you on a journey along North Goa’s beach belt to reveal its secrets. 1) Tambdi Surla Beach: This idyllic white-sand beach is fringed by palm trees and is best explored on foot. The water here is shallow and warm—perfect for kids—and safe enough to venture into even during low tide! The surrounding coconut groves offer shade under which you can relax and enjoy some snacks, while children can splash around safely.


 Ways to enjoy Mandrem Beach in South Goa

Mandrem is one of three beaches that make up Salcete, an administrative district located in South Goa. All of Mandrem’s beach front areas are government-owned, but individual residents and businesses own almost everything else along the shoreline. There’s a wide variety of accommodations, restaurants and entertainment at Mandrem Beach. You’ll find plenty to keep you busy, or you can just relax on your private patio and enjoy a day at one of South Goas best beaches.


Baga beach water sport

Baga beach is a beach in Goa. It is located about 1 km north of Calangute, and around 2 km south of Vagator. It lies on NH 17A, which connects it to both Pernem and Vasco da Gama. The name Baga is derived from bakka, a Portuguese word for creek or stream; there are several creeks nearby, including Zuari River estuary and Mandovi River estuary, which empty into Arabian Sea at Baga Beach. One can enjoy all water sports activities at Bagawater sports zone available during the whole year. The northern part of the beach has fishing nets set up over sand that extends into sea water to catch fish during low tide time.


Water sport north goa

Water sports, such as jet skiing and wakeboarding, are a popular activity at many of Goa’s beaches. In addition to enjoying these water-borne activities, take some time to sunbathe on beautiful beaches along India’s west coast. While Baga beach is one of the most famous and crowded places in Goa, it is also a great place for vacationers to swim, snorkel and kayak. With crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, Baga beach makes for an enjoyable day trip from Anjuna or Vagator.



There are many attractions to visit during your stay at north goa beaches like baga beach water sports, dolphin sightings, and a lot more. Go ahead and plan a trip with friends or family! Baga Beach is also known as the best party beach. So grab a drink and let your life take some exciting twists and turns today! Come now! Don’t miss it!!!