Lilly Saving Card Activation Guide

Card Activation Guide

Once the user has received their Lilly Card, they need to activate their card to use it further. There are many benefits to using the card as the user can get cashback, extra credit points and gifts. The advantage of Lilly Activation Card is that the user can easily buy or pay without cash in their pocket.


Lilly Cards has special services for their customers that make their lives easier and more comfortable. Using Lilly Card allows the user to make payments with fast and easy processing.


Lilly card activation can be done easily online and by phone, if the user has any problem while activating his card they can call Lilly’s customer care and tell them about their problem. In this article, we will provide everything you need to know about Lilly Card Registration Activation.


Requirements for activating Lilly card


Here are the requirements listed for activating Lilly Card:


  • The user must carry the Lilly card in hand while carrying out the activation process as the user will need the card details.



  • User must be a resident of the United States or Puerto Rico


  • To activate Lilly Savings Card online, the user must have a good internet connection with a PC or laptop.


How to activate a Lilly saving card through the online method?


  • If the user has a savings card, they need to activate the card to use it.


  • The company is also offering card activation services on their website.
  • All the user needs is a visit to the company’s website and some questions to activate their card


  • To activate the card, the user needs to check that their device ID is secure and has a reliable internet connection.



  • Once the user reaches the official website, they need to answer some questions to check if they are eligible.


  • Next, the user must choose whether to be a resident of the United States or Puerto Ric


  • Next, after that, the user must choose whether they are 18 years old or not


  • Then again, they have to choose yes or no on the next option


  • Next, the user must enter the Rxgroup number, which is printed on the card they are activating.


  • Next, the user has entered the Rxgroup number, they need to enter the RxID number, which is also printed on the card.


  • Next, the user must enter all the information.


  • Next, the user must click on the submit button to forward their information to the company.


  • Next, after the process is complete, the user savings card will be activated.


  • Activating Lilly Savings Card via Mobile App.


The user can also activate the card by phone call and here are the steps listed:


  • The user must dial Lilly Customer Care number 1-866-923-1953.


  • Further, the user must listen carefully to the instructions.


  • Next, the user will be asked for their Lilly Savings Card details and personal identification information to continue the process.


  • The trainer will need some more time to verify the user details.


  • Next, the user should be prompt in answering and the team will notify you that their Lilly Savings Card has been activated.


  • Next, the process of activating the user’s card is completed, the user will receive a message via SMS that their card has been activated.




If the user does not attempt to activate the Lilly card, they should immediately contact Lilly’s customer service by calling the number mentioned on their card. Users are advised to never share their RxGroup number and RxID number printed in their card via phone, SMS or email.


This can be dangerous and cause problems for the user. The user is advised to visit the official site for the activation process and carry out their activation process. The user can call the official customer service number if there is any problem. After activating the card the user can avail the benefits of the card and save their hard earned money.