Easy Way to Activate a Sears Credit Card

Credit Card

Are you a frequent buyer of Sears? You may have been given a Sears credit card. Searle knows how to be generous with discounts for those who sign up for the card.


Sears credit card can be a valuable asset to you. This includes a number of allowances, including car rental and roadside assistance. Although not clear, they are part of the cardholder agreement and parcel.


Who doesn’t love benefits and bonuses?


The Sears card only comes with a bonus for signing up and much more. There are also discounts available at all Sears Holding Company stores including Sears Grand, Kmart, Sears Hardware, Sears Auto Centers and more.


Now you have your card. If you do not, someone will steal it and register it as their own. So activate your card today and enjoy. We will help you activate your Sears MasterCard credit card. Read on


How to get a Sears Card?


You can either apply online or apply for a Sears Card at one of the Sears locations.


  • First, apply online or in person.


  • Then read and accept the terms of the card.


  • Then complete the credit card application.


  • You just wait for approval.


Activating Sears Card Online


Follow these easy steps to activate your card online:


  • Go to the Sears Card Activation link


  • Then, enter your credit card number.


  • Follow the all on-screen instructions.


Have your personal details ready as you need them. When you’re done, wait a few minutes before your card is activated. Enjoy shopping with your new card.


Activating Sears Card via Mail


Activating your card by mail is a time consuming process. You will need to send your personal details and card number to the company and they will be asked to activate your card. Personal details include Social Security numbers, addresses, names, dates of birth and more.


This procedure is not recommended as long as you can take advantage of other options.


Activating Sears Card by Phone

Once you open your credit card and take it out of the box, you will see a toll-free number. Call the number to access the automated system that will help you activate your card. You will need to provide some personal details, including your name and social security number.


Bottom Line:


Sears cards are designed for Sears buyers only. If you are not shopping on Sears or are shopping less often, it is best to opt for other consumer credit cards. While both cards have the same terms and conditions, Sears MasterCard allows buyers to make purchases wherever MasterCard is approved and offers reward points for purchases.