Disadvantages of social media in The Life of a College Student

social media

When was the last time you checked Instagram? How many hours did you spend on social media daily? If these questions were being asked to college students, their answers would make the readers go crazy.


Majority of the college students are on their social media 24*7. They stalk their friends and favorite film stars, chat and post pictures or stories. But do they know that social media affects them both physically and mentally?


Unfortunately, millions of young college students are getting addicted to it.


Not just to social media, but they are also getting addicted to the likes and comments they are receiving from others. Social media was invented to keep in touch with near and dear ones, but as many people are getting addicted to it, it is just increasing the distance between them.


Even essay writer worldwide are also saying that social media is indeed affecting college students.


So, let’s discuss the disadvantages of social media in the life of a college student.


  • Distraction – As a college student, you may have noticed that you are unable to concentrate on your studies. You may also have noticed that you are checking your phone several times. This means that your mind is still stuck on the likes you got or the creative ad you saw on Facebook. Social media is letting you concentrate on a single thing.


Unless and until you cannot concentrate and focus fully, you will not be able to learn a single thing. This may affect your results in the final term. The majority of college students face this issue. As a parent or their teacher, you may have noticed they are scrolling social media 24*7 even if they have important engagements to attend.


  • Unable to sleep – If they are using social media, they are staring at their mobile or laptop screen. Both these screens emit a certain ray which is harmful to their eyes. If you are a social media addict, you may have noticed that you cannot sleep no matter how tired you are.

This is another way social media is affecting college students. As they cannot get good sleep, they feel lazy all day, and they are getting more and more unproductive day by day.


  • Cyberbullying – 37% of college students face cyberbullying, and more than 31% of them have faced it more than once. Cyberbullying cases are increasing each day, and Sweden has the highest percentage of cyberbullying. 91% of the people in Sweden do face cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying can be in several forms. For example, if someone sent you a hurtful or a picture, they should not have sent it. In that case, it can be said that you did face cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is causing depression among college students. 14% of the students who face cyberbullying think of attempting suicide, and 7% of them commit suicide.


  • Rumour – Rumours are being spread on social media like fire in a forest. People on social media believe what they see and share it just to get a few likes. But they don’t even know to what extent it can affect the life of a college student.

Rumours are another reason college students can get depressed. It is thus suggested that you do not share something from your profile without verifying from genuine sources.


  • Tech addition – Do you live in a city? When was the last time you saw children playing? That may take a lot of time. Children these days are getting addicted to technology, especially to mobiles and social media, which is why they hardly go out of their homes.

The same goes for college students. As said earlier, social media was invented to keep in touch with people. But sadly, it is making them apart. Social media and tech addiction are affecting their eyesight, and also, they are refusing to go out of their homes.


  • Getting addicted to likes and shares – Who does not want to get compliments from others. On social media, compliments are given through likes and shares. Unfortunately, few college students are addicted to the number of likes and shares they get on their posts. For example, a college student posted a picture and got 2k likes, but the second post on the same day got 1.3k likes. This can make them depressed. They sometimes are so serious about likes and shares that they even think of committing suicide.


  • Face scenario – Sometimes, social media can give fake scenarios about real life. On social media, people only post pictures or videos which come good. Real-life consists of both bad and good. But college students think that whatever they see on social media is real. And whenever they get to know that it is not, they end up hurting their feelings. It is thus suggested to college students that they do not end up believing everything they see on social media.



These can be considered several ways social media affects college students both mentally and physically. As a college student, if you are very addicted to social media, then try to do these few things. Always keep yourself engaged in doing something.


You can read a book or paint something. You can do meditation or physical exercise to just keep your mind engaged. As a college student, you can take the help of online essay writers and ask them for ways to avoid social media.


Last but not the least, always keep a check on your mobile screen time. It should not cross 2 hours. Following all these points will help you lead a healthy and happy life.